Customer Portal
Your customers use this portal

Customer Portal

Your customers can easily place orders, request offers, track their orders status, view your services and products from anywhere via a button added to your website.

Customer Portal Features

Production Portal
Your Employees use this portal

Production Portal

Employees use EPP to manage incoming orders, requests for quotations, deliveries and whole processes in print preparation, production planning, print approval up to delivery.

Production Portal Features

Courier Portal
Your Couriers use this portal

Courier Portal

Internal couriers or any external courier company can be configured. With #EPP you can control and track the entire shipping process.

Courier Portal Features

Admin Portal
Your System Manager use this portal

Admin Portal

#EPP is highly configurable. All system settings are adjustible in the Admin Portal. The administrator can create 1 to 10,000 users and manage their restrictions and authorizations.

Admin Portal Features

Web to Print

New Generation Print Works !

Software that manages the process which starts with the customer requesting a quote or placing an order, continues with production, and ends with delivery. There is a courier interface that entegrates to mobile devices for shipment and pickup.
All the functions needed are accessible in one web interface. The range of functions is unique and much larger than other web-to-print software.

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Best choice for ?

  • Especially Digital Offsets and Printing sectors.
  • Companies that do tailor-made work.
  • Service providers who want to offer their customers a VIP Portal.
  • Large corporate companies with an internal printing department