Production Portal Features


Monitoring of the work flows of the employees and order processes.

PDF Analyse

Automatic analysis of PDF files by small format and large format area.


Better communication between employees and departments
through order notes.

Work Sharing

Performance of employees can be done by following who is responsible
for which order.


Well-Designed Search UI and rich filtering capabilities

Template Sentences

Frequently used notes can be saved as a template for
easy for later use.

Mini CRM

Integrated mini CRM system for customers.

1 Click

Sending and confirming offers with just one click via e-mail.


Staff can easily configure the orders under their own responsibility.


Employees can easily informed about new orders by notifications.


Switch production between queues (departments)


Recognize important features with tag symbols without reading text.

EPP automates ZIP extractionsnotifies customersprint approvals

and more...

Production Panel


– Live workflow display.
– Each employee can configure their own board.
– All data are ready on one screen and are updated automatically.
– Filter options allow only relevant data to be viewed.
– With 1 click to see the order details.